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Campaign Placement Scope in Rule Engine
Campaign Placement Scope in Rule Engine
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What is it?

The Campaign Placement scope for Microsoft Ads is a great way to gather information and make decisions of, for example, excluding campaign-level placements that are driving zero conversions but still costing you money.

When you choose this Rule Engine scope, you gain access to suggestions categorized by factors like device type, publisher URL, device OS, and more. You can also create exclusion suggestions using conditional logic based on various metrics such as Conversions, Cost, Return on Ad Spend, and so on.

With the inclusion of the Audience network in Microsoft Ads search campaigns as the equivalent to Google's Display network, some users have observed a decrease in performance. This exclusion option can help them manage wasted spend without the manual work. While many campaign settings can be imported from Google to Microsoft Ads, ad placements may not always be the same between the two.

How does it work?

The Rule Engine shows you data based on the Website URL (Publisher) report fetched using the Microsoft Ads API. You can read more about it here.

The Microsoft Ads API only permits the exclusion of placements (URLs) that are not affiliated with both Microsoft Site and Select Partner Sites. Consequently, the Rule Engine will exclusively provide suggestions for excluding URLs that fall outside of these categories. The exclusions are added at the campaign level and can be found in the campaign's settings.

You can read more about Microsoft's Ad Distribution Network traffic here.

Use Cases

If you are advertising a service that is device and/or platform-dependent, you can choose to exclude unsupported platforms from showing the ads thereby reducing the number of non-converting clicks.

For instance, if you have a mobile app designed exclusively for Android, it's wise to prevent your ads from displaying on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, which aren't compatible.

Using the Campaign Placement scope of the Rule Engine, you can set up a strategy to report upon and exclude iOS placements. When setting up this strategy, include 'Device OS' as an attribute in the conditions and set its value as "iOS".

Once you have configured your desired attributes for the rule, set the action as 'Exclude Placements from campaign'.

On the suggestions page of the configured strategy, you will now be able to see the various suggestions displaying the values of their attributes, and the 'Apply Suggestions' button which allows you to exclude these placements with just one click.

You can also check out this pre-built strategy to exclude placements from the websites that are consuming your ad budget without delivering conversions. This strategy identifies websites generating clicks that don't lead to any meaningful conversions. Excluding these placements will help you filter out irrelevant clicks and hence save you money.

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