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Facebook Account Dashboard - User Guide
Facebook Account Dashboard - User Guide
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What is it?

The Account Dashboard for Facebook provides quick takeaways at the account, campaign, and ad group level. This helps out for the easy identification of optimization opportunities. You can also view the overall account and campaign level performance, do a top-element analysis, and check performance changes at different levels.

Select View

Switch between the different views (top right) to analyze performance. The one-click switch between these modes lets you compare the performance of the metrics of your choice.

Performance Metrics

The Performance Metrics widget gives you a quick overview of your account's performance by displaying the important KPIs and corresponding performance change data for the selected date range.

Metric Comparison

Using the metric comparison chart, you can compare the historical performance of metrics over the selected date range for the desired campaigns. You can quickly find out if the account started to perform better or worse.

Optmyzr Sidekick

Your personal PPC AI assistant is now available for you to use to your advantage. Click on the 'Optmyzr AI PPC Assistant' button present on the top right side of the Account Dashboard to open up Optmyzr Sidekick.

Optmyzr Sidekick uses a combination of generative AI as well as homegrown machine learning algorithms which makes it capable of looking at and analyzing the various aspects and KPIs of your account to provide you with valuable feedback, quick optimizations that you can perform right away, optimizations for budgets, ad suggestions, etc.

Choose from the various pre-configured prompts or ask your own questions to get started analyzing and optimizing with your personal PPC Assistant.

Optmyzr Sidekick offers analyses based on the date range that is currently set in your Account Dashboard view. Also, hovering over the 'i' sign present on the right of the text input box will display the date range being considered by Sidekick.

Additionally, Sidekick will give importance to specific metrics in its responses depending upon the view that you have selected for your Account Dashboard.

If we detect that your browser is using a language different from English, you will have the option to view and select your preferred language from a dropdown menu located on the top right side of the tool.

Note: Optmyzr Sidekick AI might occasionally alter the names of specific metrics or even Optmyzr tools and terminology. For feedback or requests of any kind, please contact support.

Segment Performance: Demographics, Networks & Devices

These widgets provide you with the ability to examine crucial metrics organized by various networks, demographics, and devices.

This allows for an immediate comparison of metric performance across different networks and devices. It facilitates a swift assessment of whether Costs and Conversions are aligned on the various networks and devices. Additionally, you can identify which age group is generating the most conversions and which gender your ads resonate with the most.

Top Elements

Quickly locate the top-performing campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

  1. Identify the most costly components to reduce unwanted spend.

  2. Identify the areas bringing in the maximum conversions.

  3. Identify your top-performing ads at the account level.

PPC Investigator

This tool helps you find exactly what caused a metric to increase or decrease. Answering questions such as why conversions/clicks dropped the previous month can give you great insights into account improvement.

Clicking on view full chart will take you to the full version of this tool. You can read more about it here.

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