Manage and Analyze your Merchant Feed
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Merchant Feeds Tab

The Merchant Feed tab in the Shopping Campaign Management tool shows you a list of all the feeds connected to the Optmyzr account. Allowing you to see the number of products each one has when they were last modified, resync the feed, and view the feed analysis, which shows you valuable data such as all attributes available along with the number of variations and their product coverage.

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Feed Analysis

You can access the Feed Analysis through the 'Action' menu or by clicking on a feed's name and selecting the option 'View More Details.' This will open a pop-up listing all attributes, along with their variations, and products with or without those attributes.

How does it help?

The feed analysis can help you decide on the campaign structure that will be most efficient based on the feed. When deciding on a campaign structure, select those attributes that have the highest coverage. This means they are defined for a majority of products in the feed.


Additional insights are available by clicking on the attribute's name. These Quick Insights charts show you different variations of the selected attribute and their coverage, you can hover over the chart to see these details. It will also show you the percentage of products missing the attribute and the percentage of products that have them.

If you prefer to see these insights as a table instead of a chart, you can enable this option through the toggle located in the top right corner.

The column 'Products missing this attribute' will tell you how many products in the feed don't have a value for that attribute, and if you were to use that to split your feed, those many products would end up in everything else.

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