View Active Alerts

You can view your alerts from two different places:

1) Individually on the main dashboard by hovering over the metric.

2) Through the Active Alerts page, located on the left sidebar of the MCC Dashboard. There you'll see a tab for Active Alerts, where you can find the details of the alerts set up and which ones have been triggered.

On this page you can find all the alerts that have been set up, detailed by type of alert, alert level (account or campaign), the metric it is set up for, severity, and when it was last checked.

Snooze or Resume Alerts

Active alerts can be snoozed for 1, 7, or 28 days, and equally resumed through the same process.

Manage Alerts

The Manage Alerts button will lead you to where you can edit the existing alerts, delete them, or create new alerts.

Adding a New Alert

You can set up KPI and budget alerts at the account, campaign, label, and bid strategy level. You can define an offset of up to 14 days, and assign the email notifications to be sent to multiple team members.

Adding a New Alert - Budget Alert

The Budget Alert option when creating a new alert will prompt you to define an account, time zone, currency, account owner, and client name. This is a feature that works in sync with our Optimize Budgets Across Platforms tool. If you create a client for a multi-account budget, you will find the option to define a custom name.

Note: If you select a time zone and currency, and click next, the client will be created with the saved settings, even if you don't create the alert. You can review your created clients here.

Editing Alerts

To edit an alert, click on the right-side edit icon to display the settings. If you create a client for a multi-account budget, you will find the option to define a custom name.

Quick FAQs


The alerts are triggered by the next day for each account. This means you will receive the emails in the evening of your account time zone. Once an alert is triggered, we will generate one email per day with all accounts owned by you (combined), if they were triggered in the same timezone.

Who Receives the Alerts

Whoever is the owner of the alert set up on the page will receive the alerts.

Note: This is not the same as the owner of the account on the MCC dashboard.

How to Stop Receiving Them

We have option to snooze the alerts created on the same alerts management page. If you want to stop receiving them altogether, then you should delete the alert.

Sending Alerts to Multiple Team Members

You can have multiple owners for all types of alerts, including the Multi-Account budgets. You'll see this option while creating or editing an alert.

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