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Use Chart Widgets to report on the performance of metrics for different segments and/or over a period of time:

  1. Monitor contribution of impressions, clicks, conversions, etc received on different segments like campaigns, ad group, network, etc.

  2. Report on absolute performance numbers of account by campaigns, ad groups, network and devices.

Performance Trend

Metric Trend Chart 

This trend chart lets you compare performance of different metric over a selected date range. Select the metric for lines 1 and 2, and the period it'll be compared on. Use the filters below to select the network(s) and device(s) to use in the chart. 

The Chart Type option gives you 4 chart types to choose from: Area, Columns, Line, or Line - Smooth.

Date Range Selector

The date range selector can be used to compare up to 4 date ranges, which will be aligned according to dates. Each date range selector in the drop down has 2 options ('previous period' and 'same period last year'), and they both can be selected for one date range at a time. The reference point for comparison, in this case, will be the latest date range in time.

*The DR (date ranges) you'll see in the dropdown have to be previously defined in the report settings. 

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Segments Distribution

Report on performance spread of selected metrics on different segments like devices, networks, campaigns, and ad groups. You can choose among bar, column and pie charts to report on metrics performance split on different variables of a segment. 

For example, you can use this to report on Impressions received by an account on all devices.

The Chart Type option gives you 5 chart types to chose from: Bar, Column, Doughnut, Pie - 3D, or Pie.

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Segments Trend

Report on the performance of a metric on different segment variables like devices, networks, campaigns, and ad groups over a date range. 

For example, you can use it to view conversion trends of a segment like devices, networks, etc. over a selected date range.

The Chart Type option gives you 7 chart types to chose from: Area, Area - Stacked, Column, Column - Stacked, Line, Line - Smooth, and Stepped Area.

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