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Including Facebook Ads data in Reports

First, you need to create a new template or edit an existing one. 

After accessing the template, you can add a new account selector/picker and select a Facebook account from the list. 

After choosing the account in the Account Selector Widget, you can add the different Facebook widgets to the multi-account report template. 

Facebook Performance Widget 

You can choose to segment the performance by campaign, Adset, top ads, gender, demographics, hourly performance, device, and country, and you can also add a complete Facebook Insights widget.

All the segmented widgets will show the following options for you to filter and sort, with a predefined item in "Segments", depending on the chosen widget. 

You can also define the conversion types to be considered, using the selector just underneath. 

The option of Offsite conversions will include the custom conversions you've defined in Facebook, as well as other types of conversions.

Facebook Insights Widget 

Report Type

Report at account, campaign, ad set, or ad level.


Segment the data by a parameter of your choice. For example, split the account performance by gender and/or age.


Select the metrics from the table to report on performance for account/campaign/ad set/ad.

Sort By

Sort the output by one of the metrics shortlisted in the Stats table.

Facebook Charts

You can report on Facebook performance with a KPI chart, a Line chart, Pie chart or Bar chart.

Multi-Account Widgets that Work with Facebook

Multi-Account KPI

The Multi-Account KPI Widget lets you report on absolute numbers or compare key metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, etc by aggregating data from multiple accounts (using the Account Selector widget) over two date ranges. You can report on the performance of these key metrics for specific device and network combinations. 

Multi-Account Summary

The Multi-Account Summary Widget lets you review overall metrics performance for a particular date range at the account or campaign level.

Multi-Account Top Campaigns

The Multi-Account Top Campaigns Widget lets you report the performance of top campaigns for multiple accounts together. The data can be sorted by traffic, cost, or conversions for the selected date range.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook doesn't return conversions that are set up using the Facebook Pixel under the standard conversion headings like leads, reason why you don't see any data for these conversion fields in the Facebook widgets.

We've added additional conversion fields to the Facebook widgets that have (FB Pixel) in brackets. You'll have to select these to see the conversion data from Facebook pixels.

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