What is it?

The Campaign Automator is a standalone product from Optmyzr that lets you build and maintain campaigns based on a feed. It automatically updates campaigns based on the data source and can pause or enable ads based on inventory or criteria such as the level of discount. 

With Campaign Automator you can automate the creation of as many inventory based campaigns as possible. 

Why should I use it?

There are many benefits that come with using this tool. You can:

  • Start new campaigns faster
  • Make bulk changes in a fraction of time
  • Use unique templates for everything you advertise
  • Only advertise things that meet your criteria
  • Show the ads that include your latest promotions

Setting it Up

Data Source

The first step is to connect a data source and set a template name. This template can be reused as many times as needed. The feed data can come from a Google Spreadsheet, Merchant Feed or other sources like xml, FTP, Amazon S3. We can support almost all feed/data types, just ask our support team. We have some sample data spreadsheets available for you to see how the Campaign Automator works beforehand. 


Once selected a data source, you'll go through the Campaign tab and the Ad Groups tab, where you'll define the settings for the campaign, keywords, and ads through the use of templates. 


This tab is where you'll be specifying the conditions on how to handle the data in the spreadsheet. 

"Run when" also includes the numerical function ‘Ends With’, so that you can take the last 3 digits of a column, and use them as a condition in the inventory options. 

You could use this, for example, to advertise only those items which price ends in 89.

For example, if the inventory setting for a template is to include category home and garden and stock greater than 0, then the tool will look at all the rows in the feed where the category is home and garden and the stock is greater than 0.

On that data, it will then run the templates created for campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. If the setup is to include one ad group for each product in the feed, it will create an ad group for each product in the feed with the ads and keyword templates. If a product's stock becomes 0, the tool will pause the corresponding ad groups. 

How are the ad groups, keywords, and ads created or paused?

Based on the above example, when an item gets added to the feed that is under home and garden, the tool will automatically create new ad groups, keywords, and ads. 

If there are any existing ad groups, keywords or ads that the tool created and they no longer match the template or the inventory conditions, the tool will pause them. Entities (keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns) that are created outside the Campaign Automator will not be touched by the tool.

For example, if a product is in stock and one of the keyword templates is changed from "{category} buy today" to [{category} buy], the tool will pause all keywords that were created with the template "{category} buy today" and create new ones with the keyword template [{category} buy]. 

The tool pulls the linked data feed right before running and so uses the version of the feed that is available at that time.

Can I manage bids and budgets for campaigns created by Campaign Automator?

Yes you can safely manage bids and budgets manually or using another tool like the Rule Engine from Optmyzr. 

Campaign Automator only sets bids for new things it creates. Bid adjustments are not changed by this tool.

Settings of existing campaigns will not be changed by Campaign Automator so it's safe to manage budgets manually, with a script, or with another tool.

Demo Videos

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