Is the Campaign Automator part of the Optmyzr subscription plans?

No, the Campaign Automator is a standalone solution, therefore it is priced separately. You can contact our support team at for more information on its pricing and benefits. 

Can I set up Campaign Automator on my own?

Yes, it is possible to set up the Campaign Automator on your own if you use a Google Spreadsheet or Merchant Center feed as a data source. If you would like to use a custom data source like using a csv file, FTP, XML, etc. then it will require our engineering to set up the connection. The Campaign Automator solution requires some bits of customization, so there is a setup process that needs to be followed. For this, our team will help you get it up and running, and though this process is required, it is still possible to test it out with data in a Google Spreadsheet.

How can I use min, max, and count functions in ads?

It is possible to dynamically insert minimum, maximum, and count functions in ad templates. This enables you to show the minimum price for a group of products in the ad. 

For example, if you have an ad group for each brand and product category, you can display the minimum price for that category in the ad. The ad can say "Prices start from $20". The format for using the min, max, and count functions is mentioned below. It supports the min, max, and count at both the campaign level and ad group level. When you type the curly bracket and select an attribute from the feed to insert, it will show you the option to select a min, max, count value at the campaign or ad group level.

How do the min, max, and count functions work?

The system finds all the products that fall into a specific campaign and ad group and finds the minimum, maximum, or count of the field mentioned. 

For example, if you have an ad group for each Brand and Product Type, then the system and you use the minimum function on the price field, the system will find the lowest price for all products included in that ad group and use that.

Does "Campaign Status" define the status of all the new campaigns?

When creating a template for the first time, the “Campaign Status” field in the “Campaigns” tab will define the status of all the new campaigns created, and the items such as ad groups, keywords, ads, etc. will be created as “enabled”. This only happens the first time it runs. The next time it runs it’ll enable all the existing matching campaigns. 

How inventory filters work

The inventory conditions function as AND conditions, so all conditions should be met for the action to be applied. 

How to check for multiple text values in the same field

To check for multiple text values you'll need to use '|' in the conditions, as it is an 'IN' operator. If you use the ',' character, you'll encounter an error.

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