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Link your Amazon Ads Account

Managing your Amazon Ads accounts with Optmyzr's Rule Engine is a Beta feature, you can contact us at support@optmyzr.com or go to this link to request access.

Access the Rule Engine

Once you've linked your account(s), you'll be able to access them directly on the MCC Dashboard. By clicking on the account ID, you'll be automatically redirected to the Rule Engine platform for that account. 

Once you click on the account ID, you'll be taken to the Rule Engine's Wizard, which will guide you though every step of the way for creating Rule Engine strategies. This wizard works in the same way as the Rule Engine for Google Ads

Prebuilt Strategies

The Rule Engine for Amazon Ads has some previously created strategies which have already been configured for use. The strategy will depend on your chosen goal, for example, the following screenshot contains strategies that aim at keywords. You can read more about them here.

Custom Strategies

First Settings

The first step is to choose which level the rule should run on and what it should analyze: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Product Ads, ASIN or Search Terms. 

Please note that this setting cannot be changed after the rule is created.

Strategy Details

In the final step you'll see a confirmation of Strategy Name (editable field), and a detail of the actions that can be taken using thins strategy, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Select the Metric to Use

In the next step, you’ll define the metrics to be analyzed as part of the condition. To help get you started we've added a few sample rules to your strategy. You can delete edit them to customize your needs, or delete them and begin from scratch. 

At this level, you can create simple conditions that analyze one metric, like find keywords that have Cost greater than X and zero conversions, or you can create complex rules that use formulas. 

The metrics available are grouped by Attributes, Performance, Conversions, Orders and Sales. ASINs and Product Ads are supported in the Rule Engine, but only through reporting actions (and pause/enable for Product Ads), as the Amazon Ads API doesn't support making other changes right now.

Create an Action

Start by defining the type of value to be used in bid changes. This can be a constant number, a percentage, a metric, or an expression. Then choose a minimum and maximum bid. This ensures that even if the condition is met, the system won’t set the bid below or above a designated limit.

Preview Suggestions

Detailed User Guides

You can find detailed user guides on how to use the Rule Engine here:


Automation for Amazon Ads Rule Engine strategies are now available through the interface. Read more about how it works and how to set it up here.

Note: This tool is currently in beta, so please confirm that the changes are made properly.

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