The Account Dashboard for Amazon provides quick takeaways at the account, campaign, and ad group levels. This helps out for the easy identification of optimization opportunities. You can also view the overall account, campaign, ad group level performance, and do a top element analysis.

How should you use it?

Select a View

Switch between the different views (top right) to analyze performance. The one-click switch between these modes lets you compare the performance of the right metrics.

You can always view other metrics and compare their historical performance over the selected date range using the graph. You can quickly find out if the account started to perform better or worse.

Top Elements Analysis

Quickly locate the top-performing campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

  1. Identify the most costly components to reduce unwanted spend.

  2. Identify the areas bringing in the maximum conversions.

  3. While analyzing Top Keywords, access the ads and search terms linked to them.

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