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Ad Management for Google Ads in the Rule Engine
Ad Management for Google Ads in the Rule Engine
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The Rule Engine lets you create custom optimizations that can make bulk changes to your Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Microsoft Ads accounts. These can be strategies that can help you bid to a target CPA or, give you a list of keywords and ad groups that are more expensive than their peers.

You can also manage your ads in Google Ads through strategies of the Rule Engine.

The following actions are supported through Rule Engine custom strategies, for Google Ads ad management:

  1. Option to modify the ad status (pause/enable ad).

    1. When applying a status change, you can also use advanced settings to make sure there is always an N number of ads in an active state.

  2. Option to modify label (add/remove).

  3. Option to include in Reports.

Note: You can use "Make sure after action" to specify how many ETAs, RSAs, etc. you'd like to see in an active state, even after pausing the ads.

For example, "Active Ads - ETAs > 2" will make sure that there are at least 2 active ETAs in your account, even after the suggestions are paused.

You can find the steps to creating a custom strategy here.

We recently added a new attribute called 'Any headline/description/path'.

This would look for specific text in every section of the ad — in the headline, description, and path all at once, thus eliminating the need to create separate conditions for each of them.

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