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Spend Projection

You can use the Spend Projection tool to analyze spend data, historical seasonality, and recent performance to predict how much the Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account is likely to spend by the end of the selected time period (User Guide).

Optimization for Budgets

Enhanced Scripts

  • With the Pause When Things Spend Too Much script, you can easily check if an item (keyword, ad, ad group, campaign, or account) is exceeding the budget you set up for it. It pauses the entity and notifies you over email when the budget is hit. It also reenables the entity at the beginning of the next budget period (User Guide).

  • With the Reach Target Monthly Spend script, you can automatically adjust budgets to meet a target spend. This script can modify campaign-level budgets and shared budgets, and by using multiple settings, it can manage all budgets for the entire account (User Guide).

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