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Monitoring Campaigns in Portfolio Bidding Strategy
Monitoring Campaigns in Portfolio Bidding Strategy

Check how your ad campaigns are performing against your portfolio as a whole.

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Reviewing how your campaigns are performing against your portfolio provides a benchmark for evaluation, helping ensure greater success for each campaign in achieving its goals. This comparison also helps with making informed decisions, like prioritizing and investing more in high-performing campaigns or pausing or moving underperforming campaigns out of the portfolio.

How to Start Monitoring

While creating a single account alert from the Alerts page, you can choose the 'Campaigns in Portfolio Bidding Strategy' option present under the 'Select a Level' dropdown.

When creating the alerts, you'll need to specify the following details:

  • Accounts to monitor: the 'select account(s)' field will give you the option to select the Google Ads accounts for which you'd like to monitor campaign performance.

  • Metric to monitor: this allows you to select the metric by which you'd like the comparison between campaigns and the portfolio to be made.

  • Performance deviation ratio: define the deviation ratio by which the alert will be generated. For example: if you'd like to be notified when a campaign is getting over 3 times the amount of conversions than the portfolio, you can set the metric to conversions, and the ratio to 3.

  • Campaign performance compared to Portfolio: this gives you the option to specify if you'd like to be alerted when a campaign's performance is significantly different than Portafolio's performance, or when the metric value in a campaign is higher or lower than the portfolio's value.

Let's say that you'd like to find high-performing campaigns that are surpassing the Portfolio by a specific amount of conversions. In this case, you can select the option 'Higher than Portfolio' and use the 'Performance deviation ratio' field to specify by how much they should exceed the number of conversions in the Portfolio, for example, if you want to campaigns with over 3 times the number of conversions, you can set it up as the screenshot below.

In the opposite case, if you'd like to find underperforming campaigns, you can select the option 'Lower than Protfolio' and use the 'Performance deviation rate' field to specify how much lower the campaign's performance should be against the Portfolio in order to be considered underperforming and trigger an alert. So, if instead, you'd like to find campaigns with at least 3 times fewer conversions than Portfolio, you can set it up as the screenshot below.

The 'Significantly different than Portfolio' will look for campaigns with higher performance and campaigns with lower performance than the portfolio, helping you find both high-performing and underperforming campaigns through the same alert configuration.

Who will receive the alerts?

By default, alerts will be sent to the Account Owner of each of the selected accounts and any other team members that have starred any of the selected accounts in the All Accounts Dashboard.

You can learn how to assign Account Ownership here.

How frequently are these alerts generated?

Once you've created the alert, the system will check the performance of the campaigns against the portfolio on a daily basis, based on the metric and performance deviation metric you've selected and the last 7 days' performance.

You'll be able to find triggered alerts in both the All Accounts Dashboard through the Alerts column and the Account Dashboard, as well as the Alerts page.

You can also choose to connect your alerts to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Read more about Slack integration and Microsoft Teams Integration.

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