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Tools Available for Facebook Ads Accounts
Tools Available for Facebook Ads Accounts

List of all Optmyzr tools that support monitoring, finding insights and optimizing Facebook Advertisements

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Monitoring & KPI Tracking

Metric Alerts

Monitor and analyze performance metrics for account or campaign level. Receive notifications via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams if any metric falls below the target or shows a negative trend.

Read more about it here (user guide).

Budget Alerts

On the All Account Dashboard, establish a monthly target for the account and track the pacing status. Receive alerts in case of overpacing. In the Insights > Alerts section, combine budgets, even across platforms, to receive status updates and prevent overspending. Automatically pause campaign groups when they reach their monthly budget target.

Read more about it here (user guide).

Data Analysis Tools

Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard for Facebook provides a concise overview of the account's performance, including key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, and more.

Read more about it here (user guide).

Performance Comparison

This tool compares performance for campaigns and ad groups across date ranges. It also lets you aggregate performance for multiple campaigns and ad groups to compare.

Read more about it here (user guide).

PPC Investigator

This tool helps you understand why metrics like clicks or conversions changed. It lets you analyze which parts of your account are affecting performance using a cause chart. The root cause analysis further identifies potential reasons at the keyword, ad group, or campaign level. Gain valuable insights into your metrics and optimize your marketing efforts effectively.

Read more about it here (user guide).


Create single-account Facebook reports to monitor and analyze various aspects and KPIs of your campaigns and account, or compare the performance of Facebook campaigns with other accounts/platforms such as Google, Microsoft, etc., using the Multi-Account reports.

Read more about it here (user guide).

Optimizations for Facebook

Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio

Track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Yahoo Japan). Make sure campaigns don’t overspend and get reallocation suggestions to boost performance.

Read more about it here (user guide).

Rule Engine

Build your strategies or use our pre-built ones to optimize various aspects of your Facebook Ads account, and automate them to run on a schedule. Currently, Rule Engine for Facebook supports setting up strategies for Campaigns, Ads, and Ad Sets scope that enable you to report, modify budget & spend limits, and pause/re-enable campaigns automatically.

Read more about it here (user guide).

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