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User guide to optimize campaigns by weather

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What is it?

This tool enables you to target or exclude locations and even pause/enable your campaigns based on the weather conditions of the specified locations, whether they are directly targeted in your campaigns or not.

This functionality allows you to optimize your campaigns based on the latest weather data, ensuring better performance and ad targeting.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to the tool page by clicking on Optimizations > Optimize Campaigns by Weather in the menu. Click on the 'Create Weather-Based Rules For Campaigns' button and select your desired campaign using the dropdown in the settings sidebar.

Selecting Locations

Use the location input box to type the locations you want to set up the rule for and select preferable target(s) from the search options that are displayed based on your input. You can select the locations at the city level i.e.,

  1. For any particular city

  2. Or, for “any city in a country” - this option helps you to target multiple cities in the country at once

Note: If there are some locations already targeted or excluded, the tool will show them automatically.

Applying Conditions Based on Weather

The tool offers a range of 15 weather conditions for you to choose from. You can use these conditions to set up rules and check the weather for the selected locations.

To select a specific attribute, such as rain or temperature, you can use the icons listed under the field. If the attribute you want is not among the icons, you can select the 'Other' icon to view the entire list of weather attributes.

After selecting the desired attribute, you can then choose a forecast period and the condition you want to check. This allows you to specify the time frame for which you want to analyze the weather condition you've selected.

You can create multiple rules by clicking on the '+' icon, combining temperature and other weather conditions as needed.

Actions that can be performed

You have two action options to choose from:

  1. Target matching and exclude non-matching: With this option, the tool will evaluate the rules you've set, and only the cities that match these rules will be targeted for the campaign. For example, if you select "any city in the United Kingdom" and set a rule like "Weather is rainy" for today, the campaign will target cities in the UK with rainy weather today. All other UK cities with different weather conditions will be excluded from the campaign.

  2. Pause/Enable campaign: This option allows you to pause or enable the campaign based on the specified conditions.

Automating a rule

You can choose to automate the flow to run on a schedule right from when you create it or, you can automate it later by clicking on the button present under the 'Automation Status' column of the desired setting on the tool page.

The scheduling options are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, you can choose the date of the month for the strategy to be run, and the time slot for it to run. The automation schedules have 3-hour time slots where you can set the automation to run.

You can read more about automating a strategy from here.

Once the rule is set up, you can preview the suggestions from the tool's landing page. You can also apply the changes after previewing them. Clicking on a particular setting on the landing page will drop down the summary of the settings for the strategy.

Advanced Options

If you wish to take advanced actions for your campaigns based on weather forecasts, you can use the Campaign, Budget, and Ad Group scopes in Rule Engine.

Create a Rule Engine strategy to set up custom conditions for the desired weather attributes such as 'Weather Condition', 'Max. Temperature', 'Min. Temperature', and 'Probability of Rain'.

You can apply advanced actions, such as modifying your budgets, adjusting target CPA for ad groups, setting target ROAS for campaigns, and more, based on the weather conditions.

If you are unable to see this feature in your account, reach out to us at support@optmyzr.com.

Read more about Rule Engine here.

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