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What is it?

The Optmyzr Report designer lets you create report templates for individual Amazon Ads accounts. It offers a wide range of data and chart widgets specifically designed for Amazon, allowing you to report on every aspect of your account's performance in a detailed and visually appealing way. Moreover, you have the option to schedule these reports for automatic, periodic delivery to yourself or your clients.

To get started, select the 'Single Account' option while creating a new report template for an Amazon Ads account. You can access the Reporting tool from here.

When designing your report, use the Report-Level Selector on the right to select various campaigns or campaign types that you wish to include in the report. You can also modify and add different date ranges here.

You can now go ahead and select the widgets to be included in the report. Read more about the different widgets below.

Amazon Reporting Widgets

To start adding widgets, you can click on the 'Add Widget' button located on the left sidebar and then go to the Amazon Ads tab, where you'll find all available table, chart, and data insights widgets. You can select and add multiple widgets at once.

Amazon Insights

Get key insights and analyze your account's performance by creating custom views for the different report types and view the top-performing entities in your account. You can also segment the data by Campaign type.

Report Type: Report at the Campaign, Ad Groups, Keywords, Search Terms, Product Ads, ASINs, or Product Targeting level.

Stats: Select the metrics from the table to report on the account or campaign performance.

Key Performance Indicators

View multiple metrics from an account at once, getting an overview of their performance. From the settings on the right, you can choose the metrics you want to be displayed.

Additionally, you can assess the performance change of these metrics across different periods by selecting the 'Show Percentage Change' option.

Performance Summary

Review overall performance for a particular date range at the account level.

Performance by Time Period

Generate a performance report for your account or campaigns within a selected date range and examine detailed performance trends. This data can be broken down by day, week, or month, depending on your preference. For example, if you're reporting on performance for the last six months, break it down by month on the table.

Performance Comparison

The Performance Comparison widget lets you compare the performance across two different date ranges or different campaigns over the same time period.

Read more about it here.

Metric Comparison Charts

Compare two metrics side-by-side and study their relationship, pattern, and variation during a specific time period.

In widget settings, you can select two metrics for comparison and the frequency for which you want to view trends - daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also compare the performance of one metric across two date ranges.

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