The Rule Engine lets you create custom optimizations that can make bulk changes to your Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Microsoft Ads accounts. It also supports making bid adjustments for gender, age range, and devices.

These bid adjustments can be found when creating a new strategy, under "Bid Adjustments", as seen on the screenshot below. You can read more about the Rule Engine here.

Criterions are independent from each other, so if you have two different rules, one for gender and one for audience, the same types of campaigns will work for both. And for example, if you have two different rules for gender itself, the funnel logic works as going to the first rule, then the second one, etc.

You can select all, and if you do, you’ll see the details on which strategies can be applied for each, as seen in the screenshot below.

Once you proceed, you'll see that there are different tabs for each, and some basic suggestions.

You can read more about how to customize strategies here.

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