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Tools Available for Yahoo Japan Ads Accounts
Tools Available for Yahoo Japan Ads Accounts

List of all Optmyzr tools that support Yahoo Japan Ads

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We currently offer the following tools for Yahoo Japan Ads account management.

All Accounts Dashboard

Visualize performance data for your Yahoo Japan, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads in one place to analyze performance and find optimization opportunities.

The All Accounts Dashboard makes it easier to monitor and manage your Ads accounts. You can read more about it here.

Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard for Yahoo Japan gives a quick overview of how the account is performing across key metrics like impressions, conversion value, conversions, cost, and more.

The dashboard also provides you with charts that help compare two metrics, monitor the performance distribution split by devices and networks, etc.

Optimizations for Keywords and Search Terms

Keyword Lasso - User Guide

Add high-performing search terms as new keywords with the Keyword Lasso optimization. This helps increase conversions and drive good traffic to your site.

Negative Keyword Finder - User Guide

Add negative keywords to your account to reduce wasted spend. This optimization analyzes the search terms report to find irrelevant words that can be added as negatives.

Pausing Non Converting Keywords - User Guide

Reduce cost per acquisition by pausing underperforming keywords using this optimization. It helps pause keywords that drove clicks but did not convert.

Search Term N-Grams - User Guide

Break down search queries into individual words to add negative keywords, find new keyword ideas, and quickly gauge which search queries are driving traffic to your account.

Optimization for Manual Bidding

Hour of Week Bid Adjustments - User Guide

Create ad schedules quickly and adjust bids based on hourly performance. For example, increase bid adjustments for inexpensive time slots where there’s more traffic to capture. This way, the budget is geared towards the best-performing times of the day.

Optimizations for Budgets

Spend Projection - User Guide

Predict future spend based on historical spend patterns, seasonality, and recent performance. Quickly figure out when the account will reach its target or how much underspending is expected.

Optimize Budgets - Single Account - User Guide

Optimize Yahoo Japan Ads campaigns by allocating more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales, higher conversion value, or more traffic.

Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio - User Guide

Track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Yahoo Japan, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and, Facebook Ads). Make sure campaigns don’t overspend and get reallocation suggestions to boost performance.

Monitoring and Analysis

Hour of the Week Analysis - User Guide

Within a matter of seconds, identify which day of the week and hour of the day gets you the highest traffic and conversions/sales

URL Checker - User Guide

The URL Checker tool checks for broken landing pages with 404 errors, or with any piece of text on your webpage that indicates a product is out of stock.

Rule Engine

Create custom optimization strategies using if-then logic and report on key aspects of your account. Rule Engine for Yahoo Japan offers you the ability to create strategies for keywords, Ad Groups, Campaign optimizations, and Ad Group Bid Adjustment reporting.

You can read more about Rule Engine here.

Optmyzr Express

Breeze through multiple quick suggestions like adding new optimized keywords or directing more traffic to converting keywords. Learn more about it here.

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