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SKAGs in Rule Engine for Microsoft Ads
SKAGs in Rule Engine for Microsoft Ads
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What are SKAGs?

Single Keyword Ad Groups, also known as SKAGs, are a Google Ads strategy that puts one keyword in each of your campaign’s ad groups, giving you more control over raising click-through rates, managing bids, and achieving high Quality Scores.

Creating SKAGs with Rule Engine

You can create SKAGs directly from the Rule Engine's strategies. On the first page of the wizard, select "create my own strategy".

The next step is to choose what the strategy should primarily analyze: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Product Groups, or Search Terms.

For the purpose of creating SKAGs, you'll need to select Search Terms.

Strategy Name and Details

The first part of the setting is to give the strategy a name. It is a good idea to use a name that enables you to identify what the strategy does.

Editing the Rules

To help you get started, we've added a few sample rules to your custom strategy. You can click on the conditions and actions you want to edit.

On the right side, under Settings, you'll find the options to create custom variables and custom date ranges.

When you press on a condition, you can edit it to your convenience, as well as add new conditions to satisfy the threshold for a keyword to become a SKAG. You can read more in detail about how to edit conditions in Rule Engine here.

Once you've set the conditions, you'll need to define the action for the system to take, if that condition is filled. You'll have the option to "Create SKAG" which will display the following options:

More on the Rule Engine

If you want to read more about how the Rule Engine works, please review our articles on how conditions work, actions are set, and how to preview suggestions.

There are also some Microsoft Ads API restrictions that you might want to read on.

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