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The Settings and Users page shows a variety of different settings that you can modify. You'll find a list of them here below. You can access this page by pressing on the configuration icon at the top right corner of any page on Optmyzr, and selecting "Settings and Users"


This section will show you a detail of your total spend (on average of last 30 days), the number of linked accounts, and active automation. You'll see a chart with the plan limits and the rates for exceeded limits.

You can read more about plan limits and overages here.

You can also read our Subscription and Billing FAQ article here which talks about invoices, overages, payments, and more billing-related queries.

Change Password & Update Profile

This section allows you to change your current password. You'll find the guidelines for a new password, as well as the option of logging out of all active sessions.

The "Update Profile" section allows you to change your display name.


This section includes notifications for time saved, email preferences, and the option to show the badges earned.


In this section, you'll find the team members added to the Optmyzr account, as well as the account owner. You can change the access for the current team members, and invite new team members here as well.

You can read more about how to manage team users and team members in this help article.

User Roles

This section contains the assigned user roles for the account's team members. You can filter to view by account, role, or team member, as well as individually (and by bulk) editing the roles and creating a new role.

This section of the settings refers to the User Roles in Blueprints.

Slack Integration

In this section, you can connect your user's email account to receive the alerts generated for your accounts directly in Slack.

You can read more about how this works and how to connect your account here.

Zapier Integration

This section allows you to get the Zapier Access Key required to connect your account with Zapier. Please note that for security reasons, only the account owner can generate this key and share it with their team.

You can read more on how to set it up here.

Microsoft Teams Management

This section lets you view and manage the Microsoft Teams integration status of your team. This feature allows you to receive notifications regarding Optmyzr alerts in Microsoft Teams.

You can read more about how this integration works here.

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