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Optmyzr Checklist - Insights & Optimizations
Optmyzr Checklist - Insights & Optimizations
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Here's a list of tasks we recommend you can perform before our call.


  • You can use the Quality Score Tracker tool to check the quality score at the account level to see how your account is performing. Here you'll also see a trend for the quality score over time (User Guide).

  • With the Search Terms N-grams tool, you can gauge which search queries are driving traffic to your account, get new keyword ideas, and find negative keywords that are driving traffic to your site and which are not converting (User Guide).

  • Use the PPC Investigator tool to find exactly which element(s) in a given account caused a metric to increase or decrease, and whether it's a keyword, placement, or an entire network that caused the changes (User Guide).

Optimizations for Keywords

  • Use the Keyword Lasso tool to analyze search terms and get suggestions for high-performing search queries that should be added as keywords to your ads accounts (User Guide).

  • With the Negative Keyword Finder tool, you can easily analyze the search terms reports from your Ads accounts to identify individual words that are part of the search queries and which are not performing well (User Guide).

Optimizations for Ads

  • With the AB Testing for Ads tool, you can compare ads with statistically significant data in the same ad group, to find the ones that meet your business goals or contribute to the success of your advertising campaign (User Guide).

Optimizations for Placements

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