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Optmyzr Checklist - Search Queries & Keyword Optimizations
Optmyzr Checklist - Search Queries & Keyword Optimizations
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Here's a list of tasks we recommend you can perform before our call.

Optimizations for Keywords

  • Use the Keyword Lasso tool to analyze search terms and get suggestions for high-performing search queries that should be added as keywords to your ads accounts (User Guide).

  • With the Negative Keyword Finder tool, you can easily analyze the search terms reports from your Ads accounts to identify individual words that are part of the search queries and which are not performing well (User Guide).

  • Use the Pause Low QS Keywords optimization to find and pause those keywords with a low quality score and which are not driving any conversions (User Guide).

  • Use the Pause Non-Converting Keywords tool to find keywords that have received enough traffic but have not converted during a selected date range (User Guide).

  • The Traffic Sculptor tool helps you show more relevant ads and direct traffic to the ad group that matches the search term exactly (User Guide).

Rule Engine

  • You can use Rule Engine's strategy "Monitor Quality Score components for keywords" to label and report on low Quality Score keywords that have low Ad relevance, expected CTR, or Landing page experience. This strategy can also be used to pause keywords with QS < 3 (Rule Engine User Guide).

  • You can use Rule Engine's strategy "High Performing Search Queries" to automatically add keywords to your account based on queries that are driving conversions or that have a better CTR than the associated keyword (Rule Engine User Guide).

  • You can use Rule Engine's strategy "New and Declining Search Queries Report" to monitor drastic changes in performance at the search query level. For example, Search terms that had impressions in the past, but not anymore (Rule Engine User Guide).

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