Custom Conversion Data in Reports
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Custom Conversion Actions

You can easily include custom conversion actions in your Optmyzr reports for Google Ads accounts to report on the specific goals that matter most to your campaigns. Some of the widgets that support this include:

Get Started

Choose your desired Google Ads account and create either a single account or multi-account report using the Report Designer (Read More.) Follow the steps below to proceed further:

  1. Select the Widget: Begin by choosing the widget in your report where you'd like to display custom conversion data.

  2. Access Table Columns: On the right side panel, locate the "Table Columns" selection dropdown.

  3. Add Custom Conversions: Scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list of available columns to find the different custom conversions you've set up in your Google Ads account. You can include the following details for each custom conversion:

    • Actual Conversion Numbers

    • Conversion Value

    • Conversion Rate

For example, if you're tracking "Paid Signups" as a custom conversion, you can include the following data in your report:

  • Paid Signup

  • Paid Signup Rate

  • Paid Signup Value

If the specific data you require isn't readily available in Google Ads, Optmyzr provides options to add external data to your reports.

Consider using our spreadsheet widgets to incorporate tables or charts with data from external sources, such as offline conversions or other tracking data. Alternatively, you can explore our Google Analytics 4 widgets for more comprehensive insights.

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