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Optmyzr Checklist - Standard Shopping Campaigns
Optmyzr Checklist - Standard Shopping Campaigns
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Here is a list of things you can do to manage your standard shopping campaigns through Optmyzr:


  • With the Shopping Campaign Builder tool, you can create campaigns with multiple levels of product partitions through a single click. You can create multiple campaigns with hundreds of ad groups and thousands of product groups in just a few minutes! (User Guide).


  • The Product Group Refresher tool helps keep Google Ads Shopping campaigns in sync with the merchant feed. This tool can run on campaigns previously created with the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, as well as campaigns created with other tools (User Guide).


  • Use the Shopping Analysis to get insights to determine, for example, at which price point your products have the highest ROAS (Price > ROAS) (ROAS = Return on Ad Spend) (User Guide).

Bids & Negatives

  • The Shopping Attribute Bidder provides a more flexible way to manage shopping bids. It lets you aggregate data using attributes from the product feed and is not limited by the structure you have in the shopping campaign (User Guide).

  • With the Negative Keyword Finder for Shopping, you can direct traffic for search queries to the most profitable ad groups in shopping campaigns. It is like an AB test for search queries (User Guide).

URL Checker

  • With the URL Checker tool, you can easily search for broken landing pages with 404 errors, or with any piece of text that indicates a product is out of stock (User Guide).

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