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Optmyzr Checklist - Enhancing Google Ads Optimization Score
Optmyzr Checklist - Enhancing Google Ads Optimization Score
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Google Ads defines the Optimization Score as “An estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. Scores run from 0-100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential.”

This checklist puts together a list of tools in Optmyzr that will help strengthen the Optimization Score and drive your Googe Ads accounts towards better business outcomes. Check out the Optmyzr Blog Post for more useful insights.

Set up Alerts to Monitor Important Performance Metrics

  • Set up account level, campaign level, bid strategy level, or label level alerts using the Alerts Management tool to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like CPA and ROAS. User Guide

  • Get Alerts without leaving your work chat in a channel over Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Customize an Account Summary report from the already available Instant Report templates and schedule it to be emailed every week.

Audit your Account's Performance

  • Create a custom audit using the PPC Account Audit tool to identify areas where the account structure and performance can be improved, and use this analysis to improve the same. User Guide

  • Analyze scopes for repairs - Remove conflicting negative keywords by reducing relevant impressions, adding appropriate ad extensions, and tracking conversions properly with the appropriate attribution model

Pro Tip - Optimize certain areas within the audit report itself, for example, check for conversion trackers that still use the Last Click Attribution Model and change it from the audit report.

Remove Redundant Keywords and Add New Keywords

  • Use the Keyword De-Duper to find absolute duplicate keywords (same network targeting and same match type) to keep the best performing duplicate keyword and automatically pause the rest. User Guide

  • Use the Keyword Lasso to find search terms that have converted or have a high CTR and add them as keywords with a single click. This tool automatically checks if the search terms are already present as keywords somewhere else in your Google Ads account and if so, it won't suggest them, in order to avoid duplicates. User Guide

AB Test and Create new Ads, Monitor Ad Strength for RSAs

Pro Tip - Google will soon sunset the creation of ETAs, use Optmyzr’s RSA Builder tool to fasten and ease create RSAs in your ad groups that don’t currently have any. User Guide

Automate Refreshing Customer Match Lists to Serve Personalized Ads

  • Use the Customer Match List tool to automate the process of customer match list creation and refresh. Customer Match lets you target personalized ads to your customers using the data they have already shared with you. User Guide

Keep A Constant Check On The Website Landing Pages

  • Use the URL Checker to automate checking landing pages for all active ads and pausing them to stop money from being spent on wasted clicks. It can re-enable these pages on its next run if the issue is fixed by then. User Guide

Keep Your Budgets In Check And Move Unused Budgets Optimally

  • Set Monthly budgets on the MCC Dashboard to see how your budget is pacing for your accounts. You’ll be notified when an account is overspending or underspending.

  • Use the Optimize Budgets tool to reallocate budgets across campaigns based on performance. User Guide

Pro Tip - Managing multi-platform budgets separately often leads to overspending and low-converting ads. Monitor and optimize multi-platform budgets together from one place using the Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio tool. User Guide

Create Standardized PPC Workflows

  • Tie all the above-mentioned account management practices together in a Blueprint, and define the periodicity at which you’d like to run them.

  • Create comprehensive PPC Workflows using Account Blueprints for these account management functions and get notified when a task is due. User Guide

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