Optmyzr Checklist - Placement Optimizations
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Here's a list of tasks we recommend you can perform before our call.

Optimizations for Placements

Rule Engine

With the Rule Engine (User Guide) you can use pre-built strategies meant for Placement optimizations. These strategies can all be automated to run on a schedule:

  • Exclude Mobile Apps With Zero Conversions from ad groups

    • Find all Mobile Apps with no conversions and exclude them in bulk.

  • Optimize Automatic Placements at the ad group level

    • Add high-performing placements as target placements. Exclude non-converting placements with a high cost.

  • Expensive Managed Placements at ad group level - Report

    • Find out which of your managed placements aren't driving conversions and costing you money

  • Exclude non-converting mobile apps and websites from the account

    • Exclude sites and mobile apps with high costs and zero conversions from the account.

  • Exclude non-converting Youtube videos and channels from account

    • Exclude YouTube channels and videos with a high cost and zero conversions from the account.

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