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AI Support in Optmyzr's tools
AI Support in Optmyzr's tools

This article lists all the tools and features of Optmyzr that support AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Optmyzr Sidekick

The Optmyzr Sidekick serves as your personal PPC AI assistant, capable of analyzing different aspects and KPIs within your account. It delivers valuable feedback, offers budget and quick optimization suggestions that you can immediately implement, and much more.

Click on the 'Optmyzr Sidekick - AI PPC Assistant' button on the top right side of the Account Dashboard to open up Optmyzr Sidekick. Optmyzr Sidekick is currently available for all platforms except Yahoo.

Choose from the various pre-configured prompts or ask your own questions to get started analyzing and optimizing with your personal PPC Assistant. Read more about it here.

PPC Narrator Widget

The PPC Narrator widget can be included in your Optmyzr reports for both Google and Microsoft Ads Accounts. It provides textual explanations of the changes that have occurred in your ads account when comparing data from two different date ranges.

The widget gives you the option to generate text using AI to get detailed explanations of metric changes, offering context on how these changes influence your business and can either emphasize areas of improvement or inform you about positive changes within your account. You can read more about it here.

Optmyzr Express

Optmyzr Express shows you optimization suggestions across accounts. It is designed to work as a to-do list for your Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Yahoo Japan Ads accounts.

The 'Add Missing Ads (RSA)' and 'Fix Ads with Issues (RSA)' express optimizations support AI. You can get AI-generated suggestions for various ad assets such as headlines and keywords. Read more about it here.

PPC Account Audit

The 'Ad Groups with Too Few Responsive Search Ads' audit enables you to create new Responsive Search Ads directly from the audit report page. By clicking on the 'Generate Suggestions' button, you can access AI-based suggestions for headlines and descriptions using already existing ads in your campaign as a reference.

AB Test for Ads

The AB Testing for Ads optimization is a data-driven tool that helps you compare ads with statistically significant data in the same ad group.

While creating a new ad using the tool, you will be able to generate AI-based suggestions for ad assets based on high-performing ones, allowing you to get some more variety of suggestions and have more choices. This is only available for headlines and descriptions for RSAs. Read more about it here.

Quality Score Tracker

The Quality Score Tracker tool allows you to improve the performance of low-quality score keywords by adding them to their own single-keyword ad group (SKAG).

You have the option to edit the respective RSAs while creating a SKAG for a particular keyword where you will be able to add, remove, or pin headlines and descriptions as well as edit the URL and path for Ad.

The tool also shows suggestions for new headlines on the right side. You have the option to choose between AI-generated suggestions or suggestions from already existing ads. Read more about it here.

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