We currently offer the following tools for Microsoft Ads account management.


PPC Investigator - User Guide

Audit your Microsoft Ads accounts within minutes to get valuable information such as why conversions or clicks saw a drop in performance.

Search Terms N-Grams - User Guide

Break down each search term query into individual words to view the top 100 one-word search terms, based on a selected metric.

Geo Heatmap - User Guide

Visualize the traffic your Microsoft Ads campaigns are driving to your website, broken down by cities, regions, and countries.

Hour of the Week Analysis - User Guide

Get valuable insights on which day of the week and hour of the day gets you the highest traffic and conversions/sales.

Landing Page Analysis - User Guide

Analyze which landing pages in your Microsoft Ads accounts need to be worked on, based on search performance data.   

Performance Comparison - User Guide

Compare any combination of campaigns, ad groups, labels, networks or segments in your Microsoft Ads account to isolate problem areas for each device and network. 

Covid-19 PPC Analysis - User Guide

This tool overlays the different COVID-19 related events/announcements that have been made by location on top of the performance chart. It lets you see whether changes in traffic and conversions align with certain announcements that were made in a particular location.

Account Alerts - User Guide

The account alerts feature in the MCC dashboard helps track the performance of specific metrics. It notifies you if the performance for a metric falls below target or starts trending in the wrong direction.

Optimization for Keywords

Keywords Lasso - User Guide

Get suggestions for new keywords from high-performing search queries. The search terms are not currently present as keywords in your account

Negative Keyword Finder - User Guide

Analyze the search terms report and identify words that are a part of your search queries, but which are not performing well.

Pause Non Performing Keywords - User Guide 

Find keywords that have received enough traffic, but which have not converted during a selected date range. Pausing them helps reduce cost and increase ROAS.

Optimization for Bids & Budgets

First Page Bridger - User Guide

Identify keywords with a high Quality Score that almost missed the chance to make it to the first page of results due to their bid, and which could see a great impact through minor bid increase.

Hour of the Week Bid Adjustment - User Guide

Get hourly bid adjustment recommendations based on historical hourly performance data, to help target your goals better.

Rule Engine - User Guide

The Rule Engine lets you build custom optimization strategies and automate them on a schedule. You can create optimizations for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search queries, and product groups. 

Spend Projection - User Guide

The Spend Projection tool analyzes spend data, historical seasonality, and recent performance to predict how much your account is likely to spend by the end of the selected time period. Spend levels can fluctuate so the tool gives you a range for the projected spend.

Optimize Budget - User Guide

The Optimize Budgets tool lets you optimize budgets by translating them from monthly to daily budgets. This can be done to achieve a target or allocate more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales.

Optimize Budgets Across Platforms - User Guide

This tool lets you track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook).

Optimization for Ads

AB Testing for Ads - User Guide

Compare ads within the same ad group with statistically significant data to find the winning ad copy. Create new ads before pausing the underperforming ads for testing.

Ad Text Optimization - User Guide

This is an optimization and insight tool made to help you break down and review your Microsoft Ads ad text performance data by its components. You can also make changes in bulk to different ad components.

For Shopping Campaigns

Manage Bids (Bidder) - User Guide 

Filter and visualize product groups based on performance, and use that insight to increase or decrease bids in bulk.

Campaign Builder - User Guide

Structure your campaigns through multiple levels of partition, creating hundreds of ad groups with thousands of product groups through a single click. 

Product Group Refresher - User Guide

Keep your campaigns in sync with your feed. This tool finds new products that were added to the feed and automatically creates new product groups and ad groups for them, based on your current campaign structure.

Optmyzr Express

Breeze through multiple optimization tasks like adding new keywords, testing ad copies, etc in minutes. The following tasks are available for Microsoft Ads:

  • Age Range Bid Adjustment

  • Gender Bid Adjustments

  • Add New Keywords

  • Test New Ads

  • Fix Low Quality Score Keywords

  • Pause Low Performing Ads

  • Push Keywords to First Page

  • More Traffic for Converting Keywords

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