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Tools Available for Microsoft Ads Accounts
Tools Available for Microsoft Ads Accounts

List of all Optmyzr tools that support Microsoft Advertisements

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We currently offer the following tools for Microsoft Ads account management.

Creating new accounts

Microsoft Ads Account Creation - if your client or you aren’t advertising on Microsoft yet, you can get started easily by creating a new ad account through Optmyzr’s Account Dashboard. You can go through this step-by-step guide to create new accounts.

If your new Microsoft Ads account spends $500 or more in the first 30 days, you'll receive a $250 advertising coupon from Optmyzr by email. Click here to read more.

Optimizations for Keywords and Search terms

Keyword Lasso - User Guide

Add high-performing search terms as new keywords with the Keyword Lasso optimization. This helps increase conversions and drive good traffic to your site.

Negative Keyword Finder - User Guide

Add negative keywords to your account to reduce wasted spend. This optimization analyzes the search terms report to find irrelevant words that can be added as negatives.

Non-Converting Keywords - User Guide 

Reduce cost per acquisition by pausing underperforming keywords using this optimization. It helps pause keywords that drove clicks but did not convert.

Find Expensive Keywords - User Guide

Reduce bids for keywords that have a higher CPA than the typical keyword in the campaign, or for non-converting keywords with a good number of clicks

Rule Engine - User Guide

Identify search queries that drive traffic to your ads but don't convert and quickly add them as negative keywords to the ad groups.

For example, compare the query cost to the typical ad group CPA, make sure high-CTR queries aren’t excluded, and do much more using if-then-else statements

Pause Low Quality Score Keywords - User Guide

Pause all keywords that have a Low Quality Score and that are not driving conversions.

Custom flows & automation in Rule Engine - User Guide

Build your own optimizations and set them to run on schedule to notify you when keyword optimizations are found

Search Term N-Grams - User Guide

Break down search queries into individual words to add negative keywords, find new keyword ideas, and quickly gauge which search queries are driving traffic to your account.

Optimizations for Bids and Targets

Manual Bids

First Page Bridger - User Guide

This optimization recommends increasing bids for high-potential keywords. These are keywords with a high Quality Score that can be pushed to the first page of search results with a small bid increase. It helps make the most of the account budget.

Pro Tip: use the Rule Engine strategy version of the tool to save more time by getting a notification when opportunities are detected

Hour of Week Bid Adjustment - User Guide

Create ad schedules quickly and adjust bids based on hourly performance. For example, increase bid adjustments for inexpensive time slots where there’s more traffic to capture. This way, the budget is geared towards the best-performing times of the day.

Pro Tip: run the Hour of the Week Analysis first for more insights

Custom flows & automation in Rule Engine - User Guide

Build your own optimizations and set them to run on schedule to notify you when keyword optimizations are found

Automated Bids & Targets

Optimize Target CPA - User Guide

Boost conversions and direct the algorithm to capture cheaper conversions by adjusting campaign targets. Identify the campaigns that could be performing better and tweak the targets with a single click

Optimize Target ROAS - User Guide

Increase the number of conversions and encourage the algorithm to go for higher value conversions by adjusting campaign targets.

Optimizations for Budgets

Spend Projection - User Guide

Predict future spend based on historical spend patterns, seasonality, and recent performance. Quickly figure out when the account will reach its target or how much underspending is expected.

Optimize Budgets - Single Account - User Guide

Optimize Microsoft Ads campaigns by allocating more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales, higher conversion value, or more traffic.

Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio - User Guide

Track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Yahoo Japan). Make sure campaigns don’t overspend and get reallocation suggestions to boost performance.

Optimizations for Ads

AB Testing for Ads - User Guide

Compare ads within the same ad group with statistically significant data to find the winning ad copy. Create new ads before pausing the underperforming ads for testing.

Ad Text Optimization (RSA) - User Guide

Analyze the performance grouping of different headlines, descriptions, and full ad copies in your account. Create targeted versions of existing ads in bulk and save time.

Pro Tip: Run a spell check to capture any typos before making the ads live

Create Responsive Search Ads - User Guide

With a single click, get a list of all ad groups without an enabled Responsive Search Ad and create ad copies using best-performing ETAs’ components.

Optimizations for Ad Placements

Rule Engine - Block your Ads from showing on Specific Websites - User Guide

Analyze and exclude publisher URLs (placements) based on performance like accrued cost, impressions, all conversions and other KPIs to avoid ads from showing on unwanted sites.

Create your own optimizations using the attributes available in the Rule Engine editor and compare data from different scopes. For example, you can compare the cost of an individual website to the campaign's typical cost per conversion to identify high spenders.

For E-commerce

Shopping Feed Audit - User Guide

Run a health check on your Microsoft Merchant Feed and quickly identify elements to optimize within the feed.

Campaign Builder - User Guide

Split your shopping campaigns into multiple product groups in a matter of minutes and avoid human errors in the process.

Campaign Refresher - User Guide

Make sure your shopping campaigns are always in sync with your Merchant feed. Run the tool on automation to have new product groups created when items are added to your feed and clean out empty product groups when needed

Manage bids - User Guide

Identify high-performing product groups to bid upon and avoid wasted spend

Optimize Targets

Boost ROAS using if-then-else statements (see For Automated Bidding & Targets)

Add Low-Performing Search Queries as Negatives

Find expensive non-converting queries that might be irrelevant and make better use of the available budgets

Find Expensive Product Groups

Reduce bids for product groups that have a higher CPA than the typical product group in the campaign, or for non-converting product groups with a good number of clicks

Reduce Bid Gaps

Find product groups where the max bid is much higher than the average CPC and reduce bids to prevent unexpected spikes in costs.

Monitoring & KPI Tracking

Metric Alerts - User Guide

Track the performance of specific metrics at the account, campaign, campaign type or label level. Get notified by email, Slack or Microsoft Teams if the performance for a metric falls below target or starts trending in the wrong direction.

Budget Alerts - User Guide

Set up a monthly target for the account on the main dashboard, view your pacing status, and get alerted if overpacing starts happening. In Insights > Alerts, you can also group budgets -even across platforms-, get status updates, and avoid overspending by automatically pausing campaign groups when they hit their monthly budget target (read more)

Monitor % Drop (Campaign Level)

Monitor significant drops in weekly conversion value, conversions, and clicks. Automate the strategy to send a notification or trigger an alert when performance starts declining fast.

Dynamic performance reports - User Guide

Use Optmyzr’s template-based reporting and schedule performance reports to be sent to your email. The dynamic date ranges and scalable approach make sure the templates are always populated with the right data from the right account. With multi-account reports, you can combine all your platforms’ performance reports into one executive report. Read more here.

Data Analysis Tools

Account Dashboard - User Guide

The dashboard for Microsoft gives a quick overview of how the account is performing across key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, and more.

PPC Policy & Audits - User Guide

Break down your account into individual scopes and review the flagged elements to identify improvement opportunities across campaigns, ad groups, keywords, etc. Easy, quick, and efficient health check to use in customer acquisition and keeping accounts in shape.

Performance Comparison - User Guide

This tool compares performance for campaigns and ad groups across date ranges. It lets you aggregate performance for multiple campaigns and ad groups to compare as well.

PPC Investigator - User Guide

This tool helps you investigate why a metric like clicks or conversions saw a change in performance. It lets you view a cause chart to analyze which elements of an account are affecting performance. The root cause analysis helps you go a step further to find the potential causality at the keyword/ad group or campaign level

Geo HeatMap - User Guide

Visualize the traffic your campaigns are driving to your website and understand how different cities, regions, and countries are performing. Use the data to exclude expensive locations to save costs.

Hour of the Week Analysis - User Guide

Within a matter of seconds, identify which day of the week and hour of the day gets you the highest traffic and conversions/sales

Landing Page Analysis - User Guide

Use the performance analysis to pinpoint landing pages that need your attention: from expensive landing pages to potential ones as well as top performers


Optmyzr Express - User Guide

Breeze through multiple quick suggestions like fixing low-performing ads, creating new RSAs, adding new keywords, and optimizing bids within minutes.

Rule Engine - User Guide

Build your own optimization strategies for both search and shopping campaigns, and automate them to run on a schedule. This tool supports the different attributes and performance metrics available in Microsoft Advertising and can be used to optimize campaigns running on manual and automated bidding strategies.

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